• Grow and optimise your business!

  • Ephycient.com is a dedicated solution for healthcare and wellness specialists designed to simplify and streamline your management tasks and leave you free to concentrate on your core activity.

    Admin tasks are time-consuming and complex. Plus the time spent on these unpaid tasks could be better spent on developing your business. So it makes sense to keep them to a minimum. Ephycient offers a wide range of effective tools for managing your day-to-day activities.

  • Is schedule management becoming a headache? Ephycient helps you streamline your appointments and check colleagues’ availability, leave and absences at a glance.

    • Are you spending too much time on unpaid tasks? With Ephycient, text messages, emails and calls to brief your colleagues are a thing of the past as they receive all patient information automatically.

    Are your admin costs getting out of hand? The Ephycient online booking system frees up your secretarial staff for other tasks.

    Forget spending hours looking for the correct address. Our geolocation tool will optimise your travel time and cut your fuel costs.

    • Is brand and business development taking up too much of your precious time? Use our marketing tools to manage your promotions and marketing mailings. ...

    • Late payments? Ephycient lets you track all your incoming payments.

  • Technology upgrades and legislative changes are a fact of modern-day life and you must constantly adapt to ensure you meet your patients’ needs. The Ephycient team will help you make these changes by tirelessly working to adapt our solution to your requirements.

  • We can reduce your admin time by 30% *

  • Ephycient.com is fully automated and standardised and can save you hours on repetitive tasks each day, which means less stress. Who will use Ephycient.com?, Ephycient is a really valuable support for :

  • ✓ your secretarial staff, leaving them time to focus on what they are paid for: interacting with clients..

  • ✓ your colleagues, who will have their very own personal assistant, available any time of day and night, freeing them up to concentrate on their consultations.

  • ✓ You too can benefit from Ephycient.com. Use it as a management control assistant to leave you free to focus on your core activity, all the things you do which add value to your business.

  • Calling health and wellness centres, self-employed therapists, physiotherapists, massage salons, urban spas and hotel spas: take a look at what we offer and sign-up today to save hours of work.

  • *Estimates provided by physiotherapy practices with three or more partners, clients of Ephycient.

  • Devised and developed by a reputed practitioner and his team, Ephycient.com helps you get the best out of your core business: providing quality care to your patients.

What our clients say about us?

Using the Ephycient solutions has freed us up to concentrate on the fundamentals of our business, in other words they have saved us time on day-to-day tasks, which don’t make us any money, and set us apart from our competitors in strategic areas of our profession.

Pierre-Alexis G., Selarl Kiné@Dom

I have no particular organisational skills so Ephycient was a natural choice for its practice management software and HR management solutions. And I love it!

Rita S., Physiotherapist